Finally, The Best Network Marketing Advertising Strategies for a Home Based Business

If you’re in network marketing, and your business isn’t growing as quickly as you would have hoped for it too, then it’s likely that your advertising isn’t doing its job.

Here’s the deal. Joining a nwm company means that you’ve decided to run your own home based business, and to run any business then there’s got to be advertising involved. Network marketing advertising is what gets the eyeballs to your business opportunity, and therefore get’s bodies in your downline, and furthermore creates big fat residual income checks for you.

All good stuff no doubt. But what type of advertising should you actually be doing? That’s the part where most people get stuck with network marketing.

Why Most People Don’t Advertise Effectively in Network Marketing

The reason is that most new marketers have never had a business of their own. They come into this not even realizing that they need to have an advertising strategy for their home based business. Sometimes it’s because their upline gave them a line of bull saying that “they won’t have to advertise or sell.” So they get started on the wrong foot right off the bat. Other times it’s simply because they’re afraid to get out of their comfort zone and actually do what needs to be done to run a business.

But here’s the point that you need to know about your NWM business…


More importantly you need to have an effective advertising strategy to follow. The best kind of advertising strategy is one that is laser targeted.

How to Make Your Network Marketing More Effective Starting Today

So here are the 3 steps to effective NWM advertising…

First…Pick One Target Prospect and Get to Know That Target Prospect Immensely Well…

You can’t be all things to all people. And each group of people that you advertise to are going to have their own thoughts, their own lingo, their own traits, their own generalities, their own dreams, etc. Therefore you have to pick one target prospect that you’re going to advertise to, and you have to find out as much about that target audience as you possibly can to direct your NWM advertising toward.

For instance you can target stay at home moms, stay at home dads, students, professionals, real estate agents, CEO’s, military personnel, etc. The list goes on and on, but the point is that you pick one person and direct all of your advertising at them.

Second…Find Out Where These People Hang Out…

In order to stick your advertising in front of your target audience, you have to know where these people are hanging out. By hanging out of course I mean what do they read, what websites do they visit, what radio stations do they listen to, what shows do they watch, etc.

To make it simpler, if you’re mostly advertising online, then which websites these people visit, and if they hang out in discussion forums will give you a quick head start!

The point is that you must know exactly where to stick your network marketing advertising or else the audience that you’re advertising may never even see it. So this is crucial to find out and find out fast.

Third…Speak Directly to Them

So if you’ve done your job and picked the audience, and then found out about them, and where they hang out, then this means you know a great deal about them. In fact you may know more about them than they themselves know.

This means that when you create your network marketing advertising you can now speak directly to them. You can use their lingo, and you can hit those red hot buttons that get them to act. You can use their wants and desires to make your network marketing opportunity much more appealing to them. This doesn’t mean lie to them, this just means to use what you know about your opportunity, and match it up with the emotional parts of them that will make them like it.

Much like when you’re trying to get a friend to go to a restaurant or a movie that you want to go to. You use what you know about that person to talk up the features of the restaurant that will benefit them. This is how you conduct your network marketing and make it as effective as possible.

Get YOUR Network Marketing In High Gear…

Alright so if you’ll use what you’ve just learned and apply it to your network marketing, you’ll know more about advertising than 90% of your competition who are just throwing up anything, trying to be everything to everyone, and hitting obstacles at every turn.

Go now and start your network marketing advertising the right way!