Network Marketing Advertising Strategy

How do you get under your prospect’s skin? How do you devise a network marketing advertising strategy so that every direction your prospect moves, you are there? You want them ultimately to have every thought on the MLM business lead to YOU.

First, you have to choose exactly who your MLM market is. Second, talk only to them and to nobody else.

If you can recruit just one person a month onto autoship in your network marketing company, and teach that person to do the same, the numbers play out so that in a year’s time you would have over 4,000 people on autoship in your group (Month 1: 2; Month 2: 4; then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096).

That should be a pretty darn nice residual income for you, over 4,000 in your group on autoship. And that is from just one person a MONTH joining your group, and repeating that performance. So how many leads do you really need? One very strong lead a day, maybe?

Of course, this plan requires a serious commitment … one that most people won’t make. And the biggest part of that commitment may be all the people you must EXCLUDE!

The common sense thought here probably is, “I want as large a market as possible to draw on.” But, the larger your market, the more unfocused your presentation. The wider your net, the more tire-kickers you will have … and time-wasters and reverse-recruiters.

In my experience, you are way better off to pick a very, very focused little niche.

When I first got to Miami in 1971, I went to a University of Miami football game. What an awful team. I saw them get beat by the University of Florida, about 47-7. They got bad players from Florida and bad players from several other states. They were a bad team and every season was a bad season. Winning 4 games in a year was reason for celebration.

Then an old NFL coach came in in the late 1970s. He realized that South Florida produces some of the best college players in the country. So he decided that the Miami Hurricanes would recruit only from Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach counties. He called those 3 counties the “State of Miami.” That was all he cared about.

So the head coach and his assistants focused ONLY on the high schools in those 3 counties. They built relationships with all the coaches and players in those schools. They helped those schools in every way possible to improve their high school football programs. They told kids, “Stay home, and we’ll build a championship team together.” They ignored the rest of Florida, they ignored the rest of the United States. Beginning in 1979, they focused on ONLY 3 counties for recruiting.

On January 1st, 1984, the University of Miami won their first of FIVE NCAA football national championship trophies.

When you really focus, people perceive you as a specialist. You have an allure that nobody else does. You are committed to excellence in one very small area. Because the South Florida high school football talent was so great, the University of Miami could commit 100% of its recruiting resources to just 3 counties, and that got them enough talent that in 5 years they could go from “awful” to “national championship.”

THAT is a specialist. Everyone dreams of working with a specialist, that person who is the absolute best at what they do. That’s how Miami was able to attract all the great South Florida players it used to lose.

But that wasn’t all. Within the next 5 years, national football powers Notre Dame and University of Florida, who had been playing Miami every year since about 1950, both ended their contracts with Miami, because they knew that game was an almost certain loss on their schedule.

THAT is the power of focus. My focus is on putting together a group of “mentors with a servant’s heart.” If that describes you, then you are my perfect prospect! I’ve got a plan for you to be part of a championship team.

If working with a team of like-minded people and building for yourself and others excites you, then why not search out a group committed to helping others achieve success? Why not ride THAT wave, become part of THAT team, since that is exactly what you want anyway?

THAT is the power of a narrow focus in your network marketing advertising strategy. It allows you to make the strongest people to the exact people you’d like to work with. Pretty good strategy.