Task No 1 For Business – Reinvent Marketing & Advertising

Hopefully lessons will been learned from the crisis, do not try to rebuild business on the principle that Marketing & Advertising are always right!

The words “60% of all advertising, globally is wasted” were splashed yesterday across the marketing papers. This kind of unanimity in the trade press is not coincidental – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” the advertising community do-nothing mentality was taken to its logical extreme by the preparation of $3 million ads for the Super Bowl by doltish advertising agencies apparently totally unaware that they are all well past their sell by date.

To have any hope of repairing the damage left behind by the highly dishonest and incompetent banks, big business must first convince the majority of the population that they are really capable of fixing the problems.. Not only are we trapped in the worst recession in living memory. but behind all this lurks a horror even more shocking; the entire marketing/advertising-economic model of free enterprise, rugged individualism, creative advertising and marketing is broken beyond all hope of repair.

Marketing/Advertising on which the Western world built its seeming success seems to have completely broken down. How else can one describe a situation in which all of the countries main financial institutions and many of its biggest industrial companies are effectively bankrupt and on government life-support?

The crisis triggered by September’s Credit Crisis appears to have discredited many of the assumptions on which our prosperity and democracy was founded. In this sense, it really is possible to compare the credit crunch, as Ed Miliband did last weekend, to the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1989 the world, from China and Russia to South Africa, India and Brazil, concluded that there was no serious alternative to market forces as a means of organising productive activity. In 2009 the whole world seems to have reached the opposite conclusion – that free markets and financial incentives together with marketing & advertising, lead even the richest and most sophisticated societies to disaster.

There is, however, a crucial difference between these pivotal years and this brings us to the positive side of our message. Communism was a monolithic and inflexible system that worked against the grain of human nature and had to be brutally imposed. Capitalism, by contrast, is a constantly evolving and organic set of human relationships. It advances by trial and error and takes a myriad different forms. Thus the demise of the post-19W fundamentalist faith in market forces as the solution to all social problems now offers us all the chance to preside over a new evolution of capitalism, including Marketing & Advertising. making Advertising & Marketing into a more stable and ultimately more successful form of business. Creating this new kind of marketing & advertising will be the most important challenge to us all.

But two features of this evolutionary process can already be suggested. First, it is clear that America will continue to lead the world in marketing & advertising, but also as a model of economic management.

Second, we must encourage much more pragmatic thinking around the world about when Advertising & Marketing are useful and when they are useless, about the right balance between the profit motive and social objectives, and about the relative efficiency of private and public enterprises. The question we ask today is not whether Marketing & Advertising is too big or too small, but whether it works.

The most important asset that we need today and in the future is not just money but a way of thinking, specifically that businesses biggest problems have to be addressed in a businesslike way in the sense of a serious focus on results, there is no advertising accountability at the moment ; understanding which advertising has had the most impact; a determination quickly to scale up solutions that work and a toughness in shutting advertising down that does-not work.

Undoubtably the crisis could well be the cause of an idea whose time has come, for the new model of Marketing & Advertising that we must now invent More generally, financial.regulation and macroeconomic management will surely now recognise that naive theories about “efficient” advertising/ marketing and the highly dubious claim they spawned “advertising works” were a major cause of the entire financial disaster. It will still be capitalism, but Marketing/Advertising will not try to rebuild business on the principle that “marketing and advertising are always right”.

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Secret Methods To Building Your List

The most important factor to your online business is building your list. A good healthy contact list is vital to a successful online business. It is the ‘Beep-beep’ of your heart monitor, and if it dwindles and stops, most likely your affiliate marketing advertising just flat lined.

Of course, you could be asking yourself, “Why should I do anything differently?” Maybe your list is doing fine by your standards. It might be growing slowly, true, and it might take all of your time to build a, but it’s still growing. However, remember that list building is absolutely necessary if you want to build relationships with customers to come to your site. You can use this list to generate sales and leads, and traffic. These things will ultimately help your business grow, and will have a positive impact on it.

If you don’t want to waste more time you could be putting to other uses, put these two elements into play so that you can begin building a list or make it grow by leaps and bounds if it already exists. If you are working hard in affiliate marketing advertising, here are two things you can do if you want to build a list that’s going to be astounding:

The first of the two major key elements to consider is value. This is perhaps number one when it comes to building a quality list. If you offer something that’s valuable to someone subscribing to your list, you will build a relationship with that subscriber. In addition, though, that subscriber is also likely to pass on the information to someone else and bring more subscribers to you. What you need to give subscribers, then, is important information, discounts, quality content and a connection to you as an expert in the field. This will be invaluable to you as you increase the number of members on your list.

In general, most people are going to join your list simply because it’s going to benefit them. Everyone likes to feel as though they got something for free or at a good price. Whatever you can come up with to draw more subscribers to your list, then, such as a product discount or content that subscribers can’t find anywhere else, you need to make sure that subscribers know that they’ve gotten what they’re looking for. This means that subscribers have to know that they’ve gotten value by joining your list.

List for yourself all the benefits your members receive. Make any “freebies” or other valuable assets your main selling points when you build your list. If you offer someone something to join your list, you will find out that it’s much easier to find customers who want to subscribe to your list.

Another key element to a quick and easy list is to make sure that whatever you offer is free. Everyone likes to get something for nothing. It is the feeling of being thrifty, and a good negotiator that will draw people to a free giveaway. If you are doing Affiliate Marketing Advertising and want to build a bigger list it is important to know the importance of a free give away. Free valuable content is the quickest way to build any list. Free videos, reports, eBooks, prizes or discounts are all offers most people cannot refuse.

If you give away something for free, you’ll be building relationships with list members that will become a valuable to you as you keep your business going strong. Once this has been done, you can see that your subscribers will come back to you over and over again, looking to you to fulfill their needs. This means that if you provide something of value and perhaps even free to subscribers, your list building is going to be impacted positively. Try these two elements out as you determine your list building strategy, and you should see your list begin to grow far more than you ever expected.

Making the Most of Inbound Marketing

Marketing, as an entity, has been around for a very long time. However, the approaches to marketing have not changed but they have been enhanced by the addition of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing, unlike traditional marketing, allows your clients and prospective clients to come to you as opposed to you having to go after your clients and prospective clients in traditional marketing.

People are clever
In the past, as a marketer, you would have spent a great deal of money on marketing your brand. The payback for that was that your target audience actually paid attention to your marketing materials. However, eventually, people became more sophisticated and found ways to block your marketing efforts. If you bought ads in newspapers, magazines, etc., the other person could simply not read it. If you bought ads on TV, they could change the channel. If you advertised over the phone, the other person could just hang up.

Inbound marketing is a great new approach to marketing
Eventually, inbound marketing was born. Not only is inbound marketing a different approach but it also allows you greater possibilities of succeeding because not only does your client or prospect come to you but that person has chosen to do so willingly. That means that the person is prequalified and he or she would be more than willing to connect with you. The challenges that you always faced in the past when it came to marketing results are less challenging because of inbound marketing. They get to decide if and when they go with you.

How does inbound marketing work?
As was stated previously, inbound marketing only works if the other person opts into what you want them to do. At the very least, that will be basic contact information. In some cases, it will be more than that. However, it is not as simple as the person becoming aware of your existence online and then immediately deciding to connect with you and to cultivate a relationship.

With inbound marketing, it takes time to build the relationship and to trust each other and for your to become credible in the other person’s eyes. It is important that you understand that even though it may feel like a slow process to you, it is actually an extremely effective process and will worth exploring. Inbound marketing works effectively for many different businesses.

The way that it works is that you consistently post top-quality, educational, valuable content and the other person gets to know you and your business through your content. At some point in the near future, that person will want to deepen the connection that he or she has with you and you will begin to interact with each other. With any luck, you start to do that regularly. Before you know it, you have built a solid, meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship that will exist for a very long time.

At this point, you may be wondering how to get started using a strategy that includes inbound marketing.

  • Establish your content marketing strategy: Content is king! That cannot be emphasized enough. Before you do any writing at all, you need to establish your content strategy. It is that strategy (or roadmap) that will keep your content flowing and will hopefully help you to avoid any roadblocks in the way of your writing productivity. Your strategy should contain detailed information about your target audience members, including their wants and needs. Those details will guide you to customize your writing appropriately. Your first objective is to solve the other person’s problem(s). You need to write content that resonates with the other person and that helps you to establish an emotional connection.
  • Build your communities: Assuming that you have created a strong repository of top-quality content, the next thing that you will need to ensure is that your online social communities are in order. The reason for that is so that you have places to share your content. Of course, that means that wherever you post your content, it will elicit positive results. It is recommended that you choose quality over quantity when it comes to your online social connections. However, you should still have a significant number of connections. You should present your content in ways that appeal to your target audience, including words on relevant, compelling topics, graphics, videos, etc.
  • Leverage forms: Once you have gotten the attention of prospects, you will want to deepen the connection. A great vehicle for that is to use a form. You will want to encourage your online connections to complete a form with contact information and other pieces of valuable information that you need. The way that you can accomplish that is by providing a link to your landing page that contains a form (or a link to a form). The landing page will provide additional content that your prospects will find useful.
  • Grow your relationships: Relationships need tender loving care. That is true of personal as well as professional relationships. If you want to make the relationship solid and enduring, you will need to put forth some effort to make that happen. It is not necessarily correct to assume that the minute you connect with the other person, you will become besties! It takes time and effort to develop true relationships. In many cases, the more effort you put into the relationship, the stronger that relationship will become. Always remember that your first objective is to solve the other person’s problem(s). If you can satisfy his or her needs, yours will be met as well.

Inbound marketing is an extremely effective approach in business. Inbound marketing provides you with the opportunity to establish solid, meaningful, enduring relationships. Those relationships will benefit everyone involved. Your online connections exist for you because they want to, not because they have to. Your business will potentially grow at an increased rate and the relationships that you establish will last.